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GoMatters Email Templates – How To With Gmail

To create an email template in Gmail for use with GoMatters, sign in to your Gmail account and click the gears icon in the top right corner of your Gmail screen and choose “Settings”. Click the “Labs” option on your Gmail settings page and find the “Canned Responses” lab and enable it. Canned responses, or […]

Faster Than Your Desktop Network Setup

A new user recently told us they were amazed at how fast GoMatters delivers the information they need. They were skeptical about speed in the cloud, as many customers are at first. After a few days into their trial account, they decided to choose GoMatters because it was faster than their desktop on their office […]

Using Facebook Profile Images For Contact Images

Quick tip: using Facebook profile images for GoMatters contact images is as easy as entering a Facebook user name for contacts in the GoMatters Contacts app. GoMatters contact images will default to a Facebook profile image if the Facebook user name is provided and no contact image is uploaded for the GoMatters contact.

Strategy: Use Less Paper With Document Referencing

“Paperless” or “Less paper”? Which is more realistic? Let’s face it, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get your entire law practice to be truly “paperless”. But using less paper can make things run better, save time, costs and certainly the favorite of any small office law practice… file cabinet […]

Tip: Search For Matters By Contact Name

Even the most competent attorney can forget a client name every once in a while. It’s a heck of a lot easier to remember a client’s name than it is to remember a client’s case number or matter number. You’re a lawyer, not a computer. Searching for matters by contact name renders the matter number […]

Conflict Checking For Lawyers

Conflict checks can be simplified with proper contact management. Managing contacts for a law firm is not just about keeping up to date addresses, emails and phone numbers for clients. The successful lawyer needs to manage as much information about the client as possible including the matters in which a contact has had a role. […]

File And Case Numbering Systems For Your Law Office

Most law firms use an inefficient file and case numbering system. File and case numbering systems vary from office to office and usually have the year the file was opened as a sensible starting point. Law offices tend to use the year as a starting point because it is an easy, logical starting point, but […]

How To Change The Default Email Client For Your Browser

GoMatters provides clickable contact email addresses that will open your default mail application with a blank email form. Users using Gmail or some other web based email should set their browsers to open the email address links in Gmail instead of their desktop email client. Firefox To set Firefox to open email address links in […]

Text Message New Tasks To Users

GoMatters has added SMS capability for sending tasks via text message to users. To use the new service, login and update your user information by clicking on the “Users” link in the main app sidebar. Add text messaging numbers for users in their “SMS” cell (double click cells to open). Make sure text messaging numbers […]

Email Event Notices to Matter Contacts

Have you ever wanted to shoot a quick email to a client or opposing counsel telling them about an upcoming court date? Would your clients like an automatic email notice of an upcoming event in their case? We’ve added automatic event notice emails to GoMatters so you can email an event notice to any matter […]