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Free Invoice App Added

We’re happy to announce the addition of our Invoice App! The Invoice App is immediately available for free on all subscriber accounts. Creating and tracking invoices for your law firm or small business has never been easier than it is with GoMatters. Create and track as many invoices as you like, optionally associate the invoices […]

One Click Quick Complete for Tasks and Todos

Taking a suggestion from our road warrior lawyers who are in and out of court all day on their mobile devices, we’ve added a new feature to version 4 that makes it a little easier to mark tasks done: One Click Quick Complete. To mark tasks or todos complete with a single click, click the […]

Version 4 Released!

Version 4 has been pushed to all locations/devices and the reception has been overwhelming! Thanks for your support, we look forward to continuing to improve on our product and hope GoMatters makes your practice more efficient and profitable. We will be following with a few tutorials in the next couple of days for some of […]

Version 4 – Spoiler Alert

We are so excited to be finishing up version 4 of GoMatters! We are the last stages of this major upgrade that has so many fantastic touches and additions, but we’re not spilling the beans just yet. Some of our power users have been running the beta for a few weeks and have had nothing […]

Secure Document Sharing For Your Office

We are excited to announce our newest feature: Secure Document Shares! The feature has been activated on all accounts and we’re sure you’ll love it. GoMatters document and file sharing provides secure links for your GoMatters documents that you can then share with non-GoMatters users. That means no more emailing and or copying documents to […]

Default Filters Added

You can now add a default filter for Matters, Tasks, Events, Calendars and Todos for your GoMatters profile. Default filter options are “All” and “Mine”. “All” shows you, well… all items in the system including co-workers and “Mine”… you guessed it – only yours! Setting the default filter is a great way to thin out […]

Calendar Events “Note” Field Added

We’ve added a new field called “Note” to GoMatters calendar events. The new field maps to the “Note” field in Apple calendar products like iCal and iOS calendars and maps to the “Description” field in Google Calendars and other CalDAV clients. The calendar event note field is great for adding a short bit of supplemental […]

Cloud Calendar Apps For Lawyers

A good calendar is the backbone of any law office. A calendar app for lawyers should be able to support not just one individual lawyer, but every member of the lawyer’s staff from secretaries to paralegals to private investigators if need be. A good calendar app for lawyers should also move and adapt to each […]

Tip: Search For Matters By Contact Name

Even the most competent attorney can forget a client name every once in a while. It’s a heck of a lot easier to remember a client’s name than it is to remember a client’s case number or matter number. You’re a lawyer, not a computer. Searching for matters by contact name renders the matter number […]

Tutorial – How To Add A Contact

To add a contact to your GoMatters contacts list, click the app switcher button in the upper left corner of your screen and select “Contacts” from the button options. Once the “Contacts” panel has loaded, click the “Add” button in the top toolbar to open the “Add Contact” form. Complete the form with the new […]