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Faster Than Your Desktop Network Setup

A new user recently told us they were amazed at how fast GoMatters delivers the information they need. They were skeptical about speed in the cloud, as many customers are at first. After a few days into their trial account, they decided to choose GoMatters because it was faster than their desktop on their office […]

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

“Cloud Computing” is the buzzword du jour for technophiles, but what does it mean to you as a lawyer and how will it help your law office in the future? First things first… what is cloud computing? To understand cloud computing, you first need to know about “the Cloud”. Breaking it down as simply as […]

Green Your Law Office With GoMatters

How many computers are you running in your office? Do you have an office server? How many sheets are paper are you wasting writing to-do notes? Storing your law office data on GoMatters will green your law office and reduce your carbon footprint. The GoMatters servers are made to maximize the speed and efficiency at […]

Backing Up Your Law Office Data – Your Firm’s Dirty Little Secret

Since you bought the first computer for your law office years ago, you’ve been told advised warned to backup your data regularly. How’s that going for you? The truth is most law offices operate their computer networks like most home computer users – rarely if ever is a system backed up properly. And even rarer […]