Since you bought the first computer for your law office years ago, you’ve been told advised warned to backup your data regularly. How’s that going for you?

The truth is most law offices operate their computer networks like most home computer users – rarely if ever is a system backed up properly. And even rarer still is the chance that someone in your law office knows how to restore a backup.

There are basically two types of setups for your small to mid-size law office network – a peer to peer network where each computer shares resources and files with other computers on the network or a server based network where one centralized computer stores your law office data in one location that is accessed by users throughout your office. If you have a setup where you are sharing files from computer to computer, to backup your system safely, you need to be backing up every computer in your office. If you have 10 computers in your office with data on them, you need to backup all ten.

If everyone in your office is saving data to a server, your network setup costs and management may be more difficult, but your backup scenarios are less complicated. But having all of your data in one central location like your server creates a single point of failure for all of your data. If you server goes, your data goes with it. Not too much of a problem if you are backing up all of your data and keeping redundant copies offsite in a safe place and have another backup server on standby ready to be fired up at a moment’s notice… what? Your office doesn’t do that? You better. Your data is your practice.

No matter what your office network setup looks like, you need to make copies of your data backup and store the backup copies offsite. Offsite backups guard against loss of data by fires, flood, theft and other physical threats to your data.

GoMatters provides an easy solution to doing away with the hassle of backing up your law office data. All data stored in GoMatters is dispersed on our secure servers around the world. Multiple redundant copies of data stored with GoMatters means your data will never face the single point of failure problems an office server creates. Computer hardware failures in your office do nothing to your data stored with GoMatters. Data stored in GoMatters is always available no matter what computer you are using.