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Storing Passwords In Your Office Computer Web Browsers – The Security Accident Waiting To Happen

All modern web browsers offer the option to remember passwords for you for websites regularly visited that require logins. Choosing to let a browser remember a password for a website sounds like a good idea at first, but you should take a close look at whether or not you want to allow members of your […]

Backing Up Your Law Office Data – Your Firm’s Dirty Little Secret

Since you bought the first computer for your law office years ago, you’ve been told advised warned to backup your data regularly. How’s that going for you? The truth is most law offices operate their computer networks like most home computer users – rarely if ever is a system backed up properly. And even rarer […]

SSL and Your Law Office

You are probably familiar with SSL as “https” used on e-commerce and banking sites. But what does SSL mean for your law office? SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a method for encrypting and securing data sent from one computer to another. Data sent without SSL can be seen by hackers using “sniffer” software. If a […]