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GoMatters Email Templates – How To With Gmail

To create an email template in Gmail for use with GoMatters, sign in to your Gmail account and click the gears icon in the top right corner of your Gmail screen and choose “Settings”. Click the “Labs” option on your Gmail settings page and find the “Canned Responses” lab and enable it. Canned responses, or […]

3 Email Don’ts For Your Law Practice

Don’t Use Background Themes Or Wallpaper Nothing screams “I have no mastery of email, I just like pretty things” better than background themes or wallpaper in email. Having a nice pretty background on your email does nothing to show your prowess as a skilled litigator and legal technology innovator. It just shows you like pretty […]

Email Event Notices to Matter Contacts

Have you ever wanted to shoot a quick email to a client or opposing counsel telling them about an upcoming court date? Would your clients like an automatic email notice of an upcoming event in their case? We’ve added automatic event notice emails to GoMatters so you can email an event notice to any matter […]