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Default Filters Added

You can now add a default filter for Matters, Tasks, Events, Calendars and Todos for your GoMatters profile. Default filter options are “All” and “Mine”. “All” shows you, well… all items in the system including co-workers and “Mine”… you guessed it – only yours! Setting the default filter is a great way to thin out […]

Calendar Events “Note” Field Added

We’ve added a new field called “Note” to GoMatters calendar events. The new field maps to the “Note” field in Apple calendar products like iCal and iOS calendars and maps to the “Description” field in Google Calendars and other CalDAV clients. The calendar event note field is great for adding a short bit of supplemental […]

Cloud Calendar Apps For Lawyers

A good calendar is the backbone of any law office. A calendar app for lawyers should be able to support not just one individual lawyer, but every member of the lawyer’s staff from secretaries to paralegals to private investigators if need be. A good calendar app for lawyers should also move and adapt to each […]

Strategy: Use Less Paper With Document Referencing

“Paperless” or “Less paper”? Which is more realistic? Let’s face it, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get your entire law practice to be truly “paperless”. But using less paper can make things run better, save time, costs and certainly the favorite of any small office law practice… file cabinet […]

Free Case Management Software For Law School Students

GoMatters is excited to announce that our case management system is now free for law school students! More info on the free case management software for law school students program can found here. Law school students using case management software are more prepared upon graduation to enter the real world practice of law. GoMatters case […]

Online Case Management Software for Paralegals

A good bit of our small office subscriptions start when a lawyer says to a paralegal, “Find an online case management system, now!”. We’ve also noticed that 90% of our online case management system use for small law offices comes from the office staff of paralegals and legal secretaries. So what can a good legal […]

Contacts Upgraded

We are happy to announce an upgrade to our contact management interface. We have added several new fields to more closely integrate with iPhone contact fields and Address Book contact fields. We now support multi-value contact fields for phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, URL’s, instant messaging addresses and dates. For example, you can store as […]

Law Practice Management Software for Mac

You just can’t take all those windows machines at your firm anymore… you’re done. You’re swearing off “Ctrl Alt Delete” for the rest of your professional legal career. You’ve decided to hang your shingle and you’re going to take your Mac with you. We feel your pain. In fact, that same feeling of disgust is […]

Law Office File Structure Logic

We receive a great deal of signups from users who are starting their own firms and are looking for advice on setting up a logical file structure for their law office. On the other end of the spectrum, we have users who have been practicing for years and face the challenge of converting an existing […]

3 Email Don’ts For Your Law Practice

Don’t Use Background Themes Or Wallpaper Nothing screams “I have no mastery of email, I just like pretty things” better than background themes or wallpaper in email. Having a nice pretty background on your email does nothing to show your prowess as a skilled litigator and legal technology innovator. It just shows you like pretty […]