GoMatters is excited to announce that our case management system is now free for law school students! More info on the free case management software for law school students program can found here.

Law school students using case management software are more prepared upon graduation to enter the real world practice of law. GoMatters case and practice management software can help new lawyers learn to increase efficiency and boost law office profits. GoMatters online case management software helps law firms streamline administrative back office and front office operations by combining calendaring and docketing, legal billing, contact management and document storage under one roof.

Legal case management system instruction is becoming more popular in law schools as law schools realize the importance of case management systems in the real world practice of law. The complexities of the law practice business model make efficiency an important part of success for any graduating law school student.

GoMatters online cloud based case management system for lawyers allows lawyers to manage their law practices from anywhere. Today’s law school student has grown up online and expects a forward thinking cloud application like GoMatters to be able to manage their burgeoning law practice. Law students are able to maintain a free account while they are in law school and when they’re ready to hang their shingle, their new law office will already have a solid beginning in the cloud.