A good bit of our small office subscriptions start when a lawyer says to a paralegal, “Find an online case management system, now!”. We’ve also noticed that 90% of our online case management system use for small law offices comes from the office staff of paralegals and legal secretaries.

So what can a good legal case management system do for paralegals? After all, the paralegals will probably be using the system the most.

First and foremost, an online legal case management system needs to manage contacts effectively. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much time you saved doing something less important than the tasks the important, money generating tasks. Our contact email integration saves time with pre-formatted emails for easy email search. Our click and write email system for contacts for every matter lets paralegals speed up case emailing by having all contact information within one click at all times.

An online legal case management system needs to be accessible on devices other than a desktop or laptop. GoMatters allows paralegals to view calendars and contacts on your iPhone or iPad so you can take the office management tasks with you.

Billing for paralegals is where the small law office really makes the money. Paralegals need an easy way to track time. Our task based billing system is the most intuitive legal billing system available in the cloud today.

Excellent document management is another major time saver for paralegals. With our document management system, any document can be opened in your browser with one click instead of walking to the file to search for the file.

Every paralegal knows the most difficult part of managing a small law office is keeping track of calendar dates for the lawyers in the office. GoMatters integrates directly with your existing calendar applications like iCal, iPhone and iPad to make keeping the lawyers in your office on time and in the right place easier than ever before.