We’re happy to announce the addition of our Invoice App! The Invoice App is immediately available for free on all subscriber accounts.

Creating and tracking invoices for your law firm or small business has never been easier than it is with GoMatters. Create and track as many invoices as you like, optionally associate the invoices with a Matter and use it in combination with the Matter Ledger for easy full trust accounting.

Our free invoicing app lets you manage all of your invoices online and generates pre-formatted invoice forms for convenient mailing to contacts in your contacts list. Invoices are fully customizable with settings for invoice Terms and Notes. Invoice reporting is quick and painless and is sure to make your law firm or small office billing run smoothly.

Whether your law firm or small business needs to send an estimate to seal the deal with a new client or manage your payments receivable, GoMatters Invoice App will get the job done.

Taking a suggestion from our road warrior lawyers who are in and out of court all day on their mobile devices, we’ve added a new feature to version 4 that makes it a little easier to mark tasks done: One Click Quick Complete.

To mark tasks or todos complete with a single click, click the status icon to toggle a task done or not done. That’s it! You can still select the task using the check box and then edit the task to add a completed date as in prior versions, but we think one click quick complete will save you some time, especially on mobile devices.

Task management software for law firms

Click status button to toggle tasks and todos complete or incomplete

Version 4 has been pushed to all locations/devices and the reception has been overwhelming! Thanks for your support, we look forward to continuing to improve on our product and hope GoMatters makes your practice more efficient and profitable.

We will be following with a few tutorials in the next couple of days for some of the new features that have been added. We’ve packed some things into this version that are sure to streamline your office for you.


We are so excited to be finishing up version 4 of GoMatters! We are the last stages of this major upgrade that has so many fantastic touches and additions, but we’re not spilling the beans just yet.

Some of our power users have been running the beta for a few weeks and have had nothing but great feedback… we are totally excited to push it out the rest of the community shortly.

This will be a major UI update and since so many of you are using GoMatters on as many devices as you can get your hands on, we went with a major mobile redesign that is as exciting as anything we’ve ever done.

Hang in there, we promise it’s pushing soon. For the diehard bleeding edge users that didn’t get into the beta program, check your login page sometime this weekend for a sneak peak dev link.

Thanks for all your support and comments and we hope you love it as much we do!

We are excited to announce our newest feature: Secure Document Shares! The feature has been activated on all accounts and we’re sure you’ll love it.

GoMatters document and file sharing provides secure links for your GoMatters documents that you can then share with non-GoMatters users. That means no more emailing and or copying documents to clients, just generate a secure link and share it.

Document share links are secure and can be set to expire after a certain number of clicks or after an expiration date. You can set a link to expire after 1 click if you like or in 2 weeks time, it’s all up to you. The system is designed to be as flexible as you need to be. All clicks are logged and available for you to view from within your account.

Learn more about GoMatters document and file sharing:

To create an email template in Gmail for use with GoMatters, sign in to your Gmail account and click the gears icon in the top right corner of your Gmail screen and choose “Settings”. Click the “Labs” option on your Gmail settings page and find the “Canned Responses” lab and enable it. Canned responses, or email templates are now ready for use in your Gmail account.

To create an email template to use in combination with your GoMatters account, click “Compose” in your Gmail account to start an empty email. Leave the “To” and “Subject” fields empty and fill in the “Message” field with the text of your email message. Click the drop arrow in the bottom right corner of the email message pane and select Canned responses > New canned response. Choose a name for the canned response email template and you’re ready to go. If you’re going to be using the email template with GoMatters, delete the email signature before saving the template to avoid insertion of duplicate signatures when composing emails from templates.

From your GoMatters account, click any contact email to open a new message in Gmail. If you click the contact email from the Matters > Contacts tab, the email subject field will be pre-populated with your Matter number and title for easy indexing within Gmail. Once the new email message form opens in your browser, click that same drop arrow in the email message pane you used to create the template in the earlier steps, then choose Canned responses > Insert > Name of your email template.

A new user recently told us they were amazed at how fast GoMatters delivers the information they need. They were skeptical about speed in the cloud, as many customers are at first. After a few days into their trial account, they decided to choose GoMatters because it was faster than their desktop on their office network.

Most law office setups have a file server to store files locally in the office that serves files out to desktop client workstations throughout the office. GoMatters network speeds are faster than even the most sophisticated office network setups. The bottom line is our stuff is just faster and more powerful… a lot faster and more powerful than the average law office.

When you match our network speed with the organizational skills of our practice management system, you get something we like to call “real office speed”. Real office speed is a combination of machine time and human time to complete a real office task.

Take for example finding a word document on your desktop. What’s the real office speed of finding a client document on your desktop? In most cases you’re looking at finding the file in one of two ways, directly looking through your system file finder like Mac OS X’s Finder or searching for the document through your word processor’s “Open” file link. Either way, you’re now at the mercy of your office file storage structure and the file naming conventions of those in your office. Don’t forget, if your word processor is not open, you’ve got to add time for that. Even the best setups make you look for a documents folder… click… look for a client folder… click… look for a case folder… click… look for a file folder! There it is, finally! The file folder. Have some office fun this Friday and time yourself and those in your office and see what the average lookup time is for a file in a folder.

Now our way of doing things… Matters app > type the first two or three letters of a client name… there it is… click the Matter, now Matter > Documents… and there it is… faster than a desktop.

Quick tip: using Facebook profile images for GoMatters contact images is as easy as entering a Facebook user name for contacts in the GoMatters Contacts app. GoMatters contact images will default to a Facebook profile image if the Facebook user name is provided and no contact image is uploaded for the GoMatters contact.

It’s our birthday month! We’re celebrating 4 awesome years of providing cutting edge case management for the next generation of lawyers by offering our Solo / Micro 3 user package for $20.00 monthly. That’s for the entire office, not on a per user basis! $20.00… online case management, unlimited document storage, office wide calendars, task management, and billing! Learn more about the offer on our pricing page.

Thank you to all of our users for making it work so well and Happy Birthday Us!

Google Voice is a free service from Google that forwards calls to any number you want. The service can forward calls to one phone or multiple phones simultaneously. How does that help lawyers?

The phone has long been the most important tool in the law office. If your main office number is a Google Voice number, you can forward that number with the flip of a switch to your cell phone, home phone or even have calls routed directly to your desktop if you’re using Gmail. You can even schedule the time of day during which calls should be forwarded to various numbers based on where you will be. Driving home after 6pm? Have Google Voice automatically forward calls to your cell. At home after 7pm, forward the calls automatically to your home number. The ability to forward calls to multiple numbers means you will never miss a live call… unless you want to. That’s where Google Voice’s excellent voicemail system takes over.

Google Voice has the ability to transcribe voicemail message and deliver them to your email inbox or Google Messaging account. Voicemail transcription can increase your law office productivity and efficiency because it is easier to scan voicemail messages in your email inbox than it is to listen to every message by phone.

You can also set most cell phones to dial through Google Voice to show your office phone number on the caller ID of the phone you are calling. That means you can call from your cell phone, but your client will see your office number. That’s a great way to keep your cell phone number private and only present one number to the world.

Google Voice is great for small law firms or solo practitioners looking for a voicemail system or a call forwarding system and the best part is that it’s free. You will need to have phone service for the service to which you are forwarding from Google Voice. Learn more about Google Voice and how it can help your law practice.